Link Love List : 7.6.12

Have you met Meghan Tonjes? The video above has been all over my Facebook feed… I adore her for this! But! I fell into clicking-spree-rabbit-hole to learn more about her & HER VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!

In case you missed my guest post on bentlily!

My dear soul sister Lori had her Hundred Thank You show & I’ve been lovin’ on all the photos & reviews!

Re-Made It : re-making something new out of pretty much anything

People transformed into paintings

The Kinkajou : A bottle cutter with a new twist! Thank you for sharing Angel!

What I’ve Learned about Marketing after 2 Years of Business & Thousands of Sales : SO MUCH WISDOM HERE.

Are you on Pinterest? Let’s connect!

Trailer for Bernardo’s amazingness: Yourgreatlifetv – The Show : I’m going to be talking with him tomorrow, so honored to be part of his incredible show & chat it up with him, adore him! My first video interview! I’ll be letting you know when it airs!

It means I’ve chosen to thrive : Beautiful & brave.

100 famous guitar riffs in one take giving you a chronological history of rock n’ roll – love.

Astro Transits: The Healing Power Of Neptune : …things will be shifting and transforming energetically for everyone.

The new Wild Sister is out & I have a visual poem in it!

The August Joy Up is on!!

Indoor tents & tunnels • Knowing whole (children’s) books by heart • Discovering whole catalogs of new to me music • I can’t even put into words how much I adore the painting Lori painted for me, the project & her… every time I look at it, I tear up, love. • Easing into Kurt working mornings • Dreams (big + small) • Understanding & loving glances • Tenderness • Trips out alone, music blasting, feeling freer than ever • Neruda • Fffffwwwhhhhyyyy • Little senses of humor • Belly laughs in the shower • Moments of peace in an otherwise trying day • Friends who get it • Breaking Bad + True Blood • Planning day trips • Pretty DIY nails • Morning light & shadows • Faces lighting up • Limitlessness •

(This has been on repeat, lovelovelove.)

Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude,

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