Link Love List : 6.1.12

Dream Wedding Alert! Be still my lit lovin’ heart, my friends Jason & Amelie got married! Swoooooon!

The Marketing 101 Class You Never Got (But Totally Should’ve) : Attn Biz owners or peeps just startin’ out or folks dreaming of starting up, you don’t want to miss this. I heart Fabeku big time!

What happens when we’re stripped of our labels?

Do you own a microbusiness? Please fill out this survey! It’s quick & simple! The goal of this survey is to collect data on $100 million dollars of economic production by businesses that operate below the radar of the traditional business community. That’s us… for now. 😉

Be Your Own Hero : Wild Sister 12 is out!

A Little Trick for Dealing with Negativity & Criticism

I opened an Instacanvas Gallery, you can buy some of my photographs on canvas! Bravo Instacanvas team for a brill idea!

Simmering On the Ever-Elusive Quest for Inner Peace

Pre-order Susannah’s book: This I Know, follow instructions on her site & you will be signed up for Exploring the Senses : a 30-day dive into sensual living. Order 3 & get her Photo Meditations eBook free too!

27 DOs + DON’Ts for being a badass woman (via Susannah)

Inner excavate-along (a few more details) : June 11th : Are you coming along?

100 Posters 100 Days, each one created in under an hour. LOVE!

MUST TRY! Feather Nail Tut!

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites, yes & please!

Ode to P.M.S.

(I cried the entire way through this.)

Really trusting it all, seeing family, lightning, massages, new headphones, Cuppows!, surprise phone calls, counting down to True Blood, Planned: Bonfire + Erica + Moscato-n-Mountain Pies equals Love, daily dining room dance parties, taking caculated chances, sharing good music, believing in myself, making hard decisions, front porch breezes, screen doors slamming shut, 3 word sentences escaping tiny lips, sleeping in, cuddling, I love you.

Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude,

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