Link Love List : 5.24.13

Above, totally made my morning yesterday. A beautiful mama found KOM because a lovely teacher hung a Free Positive Thoughts poster on the notice board. This is her sweet son holding the thought he chose. She said his class loved it & he even came home from school still clutching his happy thought in his grubby boy hand… *HEART MELT* I love-love-love seeing these posters out & about & hearing the stories surrounding them.

Jo Anna organized a fundraiser for Oklahoma! Donate at least $15 & receive goodies, including one of my books! Please check it out!

Avocado Frozen Yogurt, hmmmmm, may have to try this!

Lovin’ on this book & this song & this cover.


I revamped the free sample issue over at Words Dance, have you picked yours up yet? I’m beyond excited to release issue 13 in June. It’s been 5 years & I am SO ready to drop this poetic & artful bomb. Also amped up the awesome by inviting a few marvels to help me, oh yes, stoked. (Pssst… the mag is also on Tumblr, let’s connect!)

This documentary on Marina Abramovic, her art & her exhibit at MoMa is incredible. Some of you may remember this clip that was floating around a few months ago, the entire film is just as riveting it.

Have loved Aimee’s work for so long, my fridge is covered with her magnets – she has washi tape now, swooooon!

Google Poetics!

Video : Flora Bowley : to promote her book : Brave Intuitive Painting, so inspiring!

One of everything in this shop, please & thank you!


Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude,

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