Link Love List : 3.30.12

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Heavy lifting lessons : You can’t save people. They have to save themselves, they have to sit and struggle and weep and know when the time comes that they are ready to change, that they want to save themselves.

This had me laughing soooo hard! I’M COMIC SANS, ASSHOLE. (Thank you Case!)

The Nine : I love this interview series so much.

Do you write poetry? I’m still taking submissions at Words Dance! Need a poetry fix? Visit!

Sprout’s fifth issue: seeds of creativity is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Dealing with Difficult People : We all come across folks who are difficult, irrational or unkind. Our first instinct may be to mirror the person, countering their negative attitude with one of our own. It’s normal to feel angry, hurt, and frustrated. What’s worse, is the time we spend afterward thinking about how we were treated, perhaps staying emotionally charged for hours after the encounter.

Be a Visionary : See with clarity. With love. With spirit. See what is true. Regardless of others see. Of what others say. See into the possibility of what could, might, hope to be. See things the way that they are. Choose not to buy into stories of stuck. Open your heart to…

(Thank you Kat!)

These earrings are on my wish list!

6,102nd Consecutive Day of Hate Mail for Breaking-Up Zack & Kelly (that’s 15+ years folks!) This is so… weird, stupefying, SAD

I’ve been Zumba-in’ it up!

Deepen your joy through magical moments, sacred stillness & rituals of simplicity. (Pssst…That’s fancy talk for loving up YOU!) Hannah is holding another Joy UP in April! You don’t want to miss this, I ADORE her Joy UPs! Also, it’s on a Pay What Feels Good basis, dig it! IT STARTS ON SUNDAY THE 1st!

How To Be Open When Everyone Ever Is Reading Your Blog : I heart Kyeli. This is SPOT ON! I started on LiveJournal too!

Stickygram is having a sale! Turn your Instagram photos into magnets! Buy one set & get the second at half price plus free shipping worldwide! Perfect little Easter or Mother’s Day gift to include in a card!

Permission To Not Adapt : From the time we are small we are told and taught that we should be able to adapt.

Zenin initiating hugfests with Joel all week, visiting with Erica, my hurt-so-good zumba-induced soreness, found out that I’M GETTING MY BRACES OFF ON MAY 1ST (!!), sharing life & love with my tribe via text, hanging out with Kurt after the boys go to bed, writing poetry, pretending with Joel, late afternoons with Zen while Joel naps, Mad Men, Nicki Minaj, watching the tree in my backyard bud for blooming, The Walking Dead comics, journaling, snail mail, sunshine, laughing until it hurts.

I hope you have a Kickass Weekend!!! Live it up baby!

Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude,

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