Link Love List : 3/1/13

by the chalk maven
Happy March! Counting down the days to Spring! Eeeee! Cabin fever anyone?!?

The Most Powerful Display Of Human Kindness We’ve Seen This Year

Take Care of Your Mama Soul, a pin board by Liz & I, love.

My favorite shot since forever ago : The Baby Guinness

Be Your Own Light, a photography course with Viv, I signed up this morning, starts March 4th, super-frickin-excited!

Thank you Mr. President for being so brilliantly awesome & continuing to make shit happen on the human rights front: White House Wants Prop. 8 Overturned

Still on the fence about picking up a hoop, watch this, a super-great video showing you how to flow into dancing inside your hoop.

Oh this skirt!

Lovin’ hard on this slim notebook, light grey tinted paper with white lines, less distraction… quiet lines, me likes. A lot.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Currently obsessed with LP, I think she may be my favoritest vocalist on the planet. Waiting patiently for her first full album, in the meantime, spinning her EP like mad & have my fingers crossed that she tours soonest… Mom, you reading this? You’re comin’ with, yep, just a heads up! Looove yoooou!

Happy Weekend!

Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude,

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