Life is what we make it

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Danielle LaPorte recently wrote a piece called, “The problem with manifestation techniques and what that psychic told you. (Plus 9 principles for predicting and manifesting.)” Basically, her conclusion, and manifesting principle #9, is: “Life really is what you make it. Live full out today. And it’s from there that the future unfolds.”

Grandma Moses and I couldn’t agree more.

I say this as someone who believes that things happen for a reason and there are very few coincidences, but I think those philosophies are often used as an excuse to not act.

It’s easy (especially in the self-help community) to get so caught up in reading books, taking classes and attending webinars, that we never take action. While all of these resources are valuable, until we put them into action, nothing changes…we don’t change.

Getting in touch with the power of free will is, well, empowering. Recognizing that we can choose what’s next or which direction to turn, gives us freedom. With freedom comes knowledge. As you make choices, you learn what does and doesn’t work for you. That knowledge gives you the power to make a more informed choice. It’s a cycle of positive activity that determines your future, and it starts with empowering yourself to take action.

The result? More often than not, when I stop waiting for something to fall in my lap and take an action, the universe rises to meet me. This happened just last week. I let go of some big fear and took a baby step toward writing the book I’ve been talking about writing for a year. You know what happened? Some amazing resources and a new writing opportunity immediately presented themselves.

Life is what we make it. Your choices lead to your future. What are you choosing today?

Thanks for being on this journey with me.



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