Ley Lines

I notice my tendency to keep diamonds
in my pocket
Like quarters with jean lint
On its edges.

I see how I pull my face forward and
My shoulders down
As if the people around me couldn’t
Feel my shine.

I’m on to myself
And I see how others
Are starting to watch me
Even when I’m not looking.

I know it’s better for all of us if
I take the diamond out and let it be Seen
For all its glory.

I’m letting go of old stories
Of how diamonds are dangerous to have
And get stolen

I know
I’m not a diamond anymore.
I’m the Moon and the Sun. And the paths I travel
Are watched by all, and benefit everyone.


Steph left an over-achieving career supporting the US military after eleven years and eleven days to follow the call to become a coach and spiritual teacher. She helps entrepreneurs make sales sacred and craft their natural marketing method.

You can connect with Steph and see more of her writing on her website or on Instagram.

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