Lewis Capaldi is Heaven Sent

The appeal of UK pop star Lewis is quite extraordinary. Since his breakthrough #1 single, Someone You Loved, he has endeared himself to millions of fans worldwide. From his homeland of Scotland to Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland and other countries he has won over fans with his impressive two-octave vocals, his humility and his self-deprecating humor. He has also inspired people everywhere by the way he has coped with physical and mental health challenges, continuing to create wonderful music that brings others joy.

Starting at age 9, Lewis learned to play the guitar. From then on, all he wanted to do was music. He started writing songs at an early age and would upload them to his Sound Cloud account. Lewis would sneak into pubs with his older brother and play. Once they heard him, the managers gladly let him play. Manager Ryan Walter happened to hear him and flew from the US to Britain to hear him play live. At age 18, Lewis was discovered and the rest, as they say, is glorified history.

His song Bruises was released independently to Spotify in 2017. The aching, sad breakup song was a smash hit and garnered 25 million plays. He was the first independent, unsigned artist to ever achieve such a feat. He then released several Extended Plays with more of his songs. During 2017 and 2018, Lewis played with many artists at their shows and festivals. Artists such as Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran used Lewis as an opening act. He was a solely acoustic act – all he needed was that magnificent voice and a guitar. He became so well known and loved that when he started his UK tour before his first album was released, all the shows were sold out.

Lewis has received many accolades for his work. He won Song of the Year for “Someone You Loved” and Album of the Year for his first album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, at the 2020 Brit Awards. Several songs from the album made the charts in the UK. “Someone You Loved” garnered him the #1 song on the US Billboard charts, while two other singles, Before You Go and Hold Me While You Wait, reached #1 and #4 on the UK charts. His list of awards is impressive, including a Grammy nomination for “Someone You Loved.” Three songs released from his second album, Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent, went to #1 on the UK charts: Forget Me, Pointless and I Wish You The Best. In January 2024, five new songs from an extended version of that album were released, delighting fans as well.

Lewis’ 2023 Netflix Documentary, How I’m Feeling Now, won the National Television Award for best authored Documentary. In it, he disclosed that he suffers from anxiety and that after experiencing involuntary twitching for years, he was finally diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in 2022. His health issues have meant that he has had to reduce the number of shows he plays, play shorter concerts and unfortunately even had to stop touring altogether in the middle of 2023 to take an extended rest. This writer was lucky enough to have seen him in Boston in the spring of 2023 and it was a wonderful experience.

Lewis’ presentation is casual on stage. There are no rhinestones or fancy clothes; just a young lad in a tee shirt and slacks singing his heart out and making his audience roar with laughter. At one point in the show, his long hair was blowing from the fans and he called himself Celine Dion. That is the kind of humor he has.

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Finally, the thing that Lewis Capaldi fans love most about his concerts is him encouraging the audience to sing to him. His fans truly love him and we will be here whatever he decides to do in the future.

gloria darcy
Gloria Darcy is a retired professional singer. She was the publisher of the very first country music webzine, Country Views, in Nashville, TN in 1996. The webzine’s philosophy was to be positive and never included scathing criticism of the music and artists, which was so prevalent in those days. After over 20 years in Tennessee, Gloria retired to Vermont. She is very active in the music community on YouTube and runs her own channel, Glow with Glo.

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