Letting go, Part 3

Post by Heather Shafer for the Kind Kindred series.

Letting go of shoulds and to-dos!

Hello Amazing Souls,

Last week we looked at letting go of physical things. This week we dig a bit deeper and we start the process of letting go of some of the mental things we hang on to.

Look at where the idea/phrase of “Should” shows up in your life. I suggest writing a list of all the shoulds that are floating around in your mind. (I should be further along, I should be doing something productive, I should be smarter, skinnier, richer etc..).
Take this same idea to your “To Do” list. What on your list are you being purely guided by shoulds? If you can get rid of at least one item on your to do list that feels like a should.

If there are ones you feel you really can’t let go of, what if you tried looking at it a bit differently? So instead of a “Should,” what about looking at it as a step in creating the life you want, being a blessing to someone else? Try to look at it as an opportunity not obligation. The task does not change but your energy in coming to it has and that is powerful stuff!

Now take that should list and cross out any of the ones that you can, those are likely shoulds that have been “planted” in us by other people that we unconsciously took on as our own.

This starts the powerful work of really looking at what belongs to you and what in your life you have adopted as yours that really is not serving the bigger picture for your life!

The more we inch (or shove) out the things that are weighing on us the more space we create for our right life.

This work can be tender for many of us, if it is for you, then just do this in small bits and be extra gentle with yourself (engage in a bit more self-care).

This is also a multi-layer process so know that it’s totally OK if there are ones you are not ready to let go of or even look at right now. Just keep showing up for yourself!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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