Letting go, Part 2

Post by Heather Shafer for the Kind Kindred series.

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Last week we talked about the effect that hanging on has on us. This week we are going to start looking at the first area of release.

Physical Release:

I am starting here because I believe when we can start to see even a little progress it often can give us the momentum to keep moving forward.
If you made a list of things you want to let go of (in last week’s post), you can grab it. If there are any physical items that are easily released then that might be a great place for you to start.

However, I am going to suggest a few things to look out for and ask yourself. We are starting small, really small if that is where you are comfortable. 

Look at your bookshelf; choose 1-3 books that feel like shoulds. (Now if you are a student, I am not suggesting that you get rid of your text books you need for a specific class obviously.) I am talking about that book (or those books) that you have on your shelf because you should read it (to be a better…. ). If it makes you feel bad when you look at it because you know you really “should” be reading it, “I should finish this one” (even though it felt like slow torture to read what you have already!) – get rid of it. Gather these up and donate to local goodwill, library, etc.

Do the same with your closet and/or accessories: 1-3 things.

Choose one other area and do the same. Remember in each area just commit to releasing at least 1-3 things.

This is something that could be done weekly!

Some questions to ask yourself in this process: 

~Do I love it?
~Is it useful (for me, in my life right now)?  We can always “someday” our way around keeping something we don’t really love, use or want!
~Is it going to be really hard or expensive to replace it if, on the off chance, I ever needed it again?
~Am I inspired by it?
~Is it really sentimental to me?

Words and things to watch out for: 

~Trying to talk yourself into keeping it, getting into the “justifying” mode.
~You feel an “ugh” every time you pass it or deal with it.
It feels like a “should” (and gifts you don’t love fall into this category too!)

I am of the belief that when we release things in our lives that are no longer serving us (but will often bless someone else) we create space for more of what we want in our lives – even in seemingly unrelated areas.

Be firm yet gentle with yourself. This process, even with the physical stuff, can feel sort of emotional in some ways for many people. And for most of us it’s a layered process, so one round you may not be ready to let go of a specific item but the next time around you are ready to. Let that be OK, just keep showing up and loosening your grip bit by bit.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Hi! I am Heather Shafer and I am a certified Dream Coach, and Holistic Life Coach, and Inspirationalist! I believe that connecting to our deepest and most creative Selves is critical to living our best, most powerful, lives. My purpose in life is to learn to express myself fully and authentically, and to teach and inspire others to do the same. My website features inspiring stories, tips and ideas to help you live an Inspired, Creative and Empowered life.

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