Let’s Make a Deal

Let’s make a deal
I will put the kids to bed
And you can play on your phone
You will take out the recycling
And I will “brush my teeth” for 20 minutes
I will take care of the meals
And you will take care of the bills
I will ask you to love me with words
And you will ask me to love you with time

Let’s make a deal
The early evening when you slid that diamond ring on my finger
In front of our families
We agreed to things we hadn’t known yet
We thought we had it licked
This deal-making
This world of concrete things

Let’s make a deal in our car
Driving back to our apartment
Where we live, together, as single people
And I walk to the library every afternoon I can
After work
And you jog around the complex
And we share blueberries and peanut butter
At night, on the couch

Let’s make a deal
I’ll meet you to go bowling
And you will text me late, late at night
To tell me you can’t wait to see me tomorrow
And I won’t be able to sleep for the next three hours
Thinking about all the deals we are about to make
Between us

Angela Theresa is a mother, writer and coffee drinker. Her first book of poems "We Are The Mothers" is now available on Amazon.
You can find her on her Substack.

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