Let’s Drop a LOVE BOMB!

Let's Drop a LOVE BOMB!
We are interrupting our regularly scheduled program to ask for 5 minutes of your time.

Lauren from Love Bomb emailed us yesterday & asked if we wanted to partner up for this week’s mission.

We’ve blogged about Love Bomb here on KOM before, maybe some of you even participate already but…

Once a week they come together to drop hundreds of love bombs (in the form of blog comments) for those who need it most.

This week we are bombing Ellen, from central Florida. Ellen is in a really dark place right now. Ellen’s friend Peg had this to say when she suggested that Ellen be Love Bomb’s mission today:

“She’s a very warm-hearted, kind and generous woman who has had more than her share of hard times, and she’s really scared and despairing right now. Please, she needs encouragement, and perhaps some practical help or guidance toward resources she can use. She must feel so desperately alone and abandoned!”

Lauren, Love Bomb’s coordinator, has this to say:

Ellen lost her husband and mother in the same month a couple years back, and has since been struggling financially, physically and emotionally.

The post we are commenting on this week is titled, “I Give Up” – and it broke my heart. She is close to losing her home because she cannot afford her mortgage or utility bills, and she is both sick and recovering from a triple lumbar fusion surgery that has left her almost entirely immobile. She has car trouble, and lost the two people that usually drive her to doctor appointments.

She is doing what she can to sell jewelry, but no one has been purchasing it lately, and her extended family isn’t coming around to help her out with the little things like driving her places or cutting her grass.

So this is how we can help:
Just go to Ellen’s blog post & leave a comment, you can do it anonymously even, or sign in with your twitter, facebook or LJ account, leave her a few kind words, let her know that she is not alone, root for her, just really truly believe in her because I think the power of positive thinking in large numbers can be more effective than anything else!

It is not required of you, but if you have a buck or two just sitting in your paypal account & feel compelled to send some her way you can do so buy using the donate button below — or you can use her paypal address outright : jemylfla@yahoo.com

Let’s do this! Let’s make a difference today!

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