Let yourself evolve

When you find something that works, stick with it. Right? Sorta.

While there are definitely some areas of life where consistency pays off, I’d argue that there are more areas where it pays to let yourself evolve.

I’m thinking specifically about your self-kindness practices. Most of us start small – maybe carving out some time for yourself on a weekend, or saying no to some commitments that you’re not really that into. It might mean going to bed earlier, committing to a movement practice, or even picking up the hobby that you haven’t made time for in years.

I started small with self-kind Saturday back in 2014. That was the day of the week where I made myself do something for me. Today, that practice has evolved into computer free weekends (at least 1 day, more often both).

At some times in your life your evolution might mean that doing more is actually the best practice. Maybe you’ve noticed the desire to de-clutter a room on a Sunday, even though that’s historically been a day of downtime for you. Let yourself evolve. Your life likely looks different these days and your self-kindness practices get to evolve with you.

As a (recovering) perfectionist I can easily slip into the “have to do it right” mentality…even with things that are good for me! When I notice that thinking creep in, I pause and ask myself “What’s in my best interest right now?” That small change let’s me evolve, honors my current needs and keeps me out of perfectionism.

As you evolve, the self-kindness practices that lower your stress and keep you feeling balanced will also evolve. Get curious. Don’t let perfectionism tell you that you have to do something because you’ve always done it. Discover what supports you best in this moment, and do that…until there’s another evolution.

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