Let Life Be Your Teacher

Life is full of teachers. Beyond the incredible lessons you can learn from writers and speakers and leaders – there are so many teachers available in our everyday experiences and feelings.

Nature is an eternal teacher. Whether it’s learning about the ebb and flow of life from watching the ocean, or literally stopping to smell the roses to practice mindfulness; nature always has a lesson to share.

Feelings are one of biggest teachers out there. From joy you learn what makes life worthwhile. From sadness you learn about love. From guilt you learn humility. From jealousy you learn what you desire.

With all of these teachers you’d think some of life’s big lessons would be easier to learn! Unfortunately that’s not usually the case. You have to be ready to receive the information and learn the lesson. You know this. Think of a time when it took you several attempts to learn something. Maybe it was stress management or a mindfulness practice. You probably had a bunch of false starts, despite the best intentions, until finally the lesson “stuck.” It clicked. You got it and integrated it into your life. Did you fail all of those other times? Not at all! You simply weren’t ready. Maybe your stress didn’t impact you enough to stick with your new habits. Maybe you got really busy after committing to a mindfulness practice. You weren’t ready.

My clients often thank me for the things they learn while we’re working together. I always make sure to share this Lao Tzu quote with them: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Take a minute today and let yourself off the hook for any of those lessons you didn’t learn. Start looking for the everyday teachers. Set an intention to find what you need and watch the teachers appear…when you’re ready.

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