Let all things take their course

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Be patient. Everything is temporary. This too shall pass. 

These platitudes piss me off. 

I talk a lot about acceptance, and how it brings peace and lasting change, so it might concern you to hear me say that phrases above piss me off, but they do. They feel condescending to me, and while on the outside they seem similar to the concept of acceptance, something about being told what to do triggers me.

Staying at the center of the circle; however, feels right. It feels attainable and like it’s my choice. It’s not someone telling me what to do, it’s my choice to stay there.

Think about a stressful situation. You’re feeling anxious.  There may be sweaty palms or an upset belly. What would help you most in that moment – being told what to do (be patient, etc.), or remembering to stay at the center of the circle?

If you take 1 thing with you this week, take the knowledge that you can make that choice. You have that power. You can stay at the center of the circle. Staying there won’t eliminate the stress, but it will change your experience of the stress.

…so that you are better able to let things take their course.

?, Lara

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