Leap YEAR Permission Slip

If the Gregorian Calendar Can Do It, So Can YOU!

Leap Day (February 29th) has come and gone, but it is still Leap YEAR all the way through 2024. I’m taking full advantage of this and I hope you will, too.

I have never celebrated Leap Day or Leap year before, but I’m adding it to my list of awesome days. I’ll tell you why.

I was staying at a friend’s house during “Leap Week” and got curious. I looked it up online and discovered that LEAP DAY is a kind of “correction day.” I’m no scientist or mathematician – so don’t quote me on this – but it sounds to me like whomever invented our calendar and the days of the month realized that something was a little “off.”

That same person (or someone else!) shrugged their shoulders and said, “That’s okay, folks. Every four years we will simply add an extra day to the calendar and that will fix it all up pretty.”

I can just see the big grin on their face and the way they did that this-way, that-way hand-swipe-thingie that signifies a job well done. (Is there a name for that gesture?!)

Isn’t it marvelous that something that impacts everyone who uses the Gregorian calendar (er, billions of people!) could be “corrected” with something as goofy and messy as “We’ll just pop an extra day in the calendar every four years.”

I love this so much.

What a huge permission slip!

We can do this in our own lives! We can choose to simply correct things in our lives that seem like they may be very slowly, but surely veering off course.

My friend and I had a little ritual on Leap Day and we shared five things that we each felt had veered a bit off course in our lives. We also shared how we could “course correct” without any shame or blame or feeling bad.

To create our Correction Lists, we thought about these things:

  • Habits of thinking that do not serve us.
  • Practices or habits that would serve us that we said we’d do, but don’t.
  • Relationship issues we’ve been ignoring because it feels awkward.
  • Dreams we have that are on the back burner when they should be on our plate.

I also thought of some journaling prompts that would help in this process:

  • Did you set any New Year’s resolutions or 2024 goals that you started and stopped? Or that you have totally forgotten about? Or that are petering out? What is one of them? Write WHY that is important to you. Who would you be if you stayed true to this?
  • Are there negative stories that you get told about who you are or how your life is going? Do you have regrets over something that pops up periodically?
  • Do you always wish you had more space in your life for creative projects or time with friends?
  • Is there a hobby you loved as a child and always thought you would return to? Painting? Writing? Cooking? Guitar? What is the teeniest tiniest way you could bring that into your life? How could you course correct from NO TIME on this to 5 minutes a day or 15 minutes a week?
  • Is there something that simply makes you HAPPY – that makes your heart leap – that you put at the bottom of the pile because you have more important things to do or you don’t feel you have the time or it seems frivolous or you don’t think you deserve it? What is it? Can you bring it into your life in some way?

Perhaps you can grab a friend and do some course corrections together, too. Or grab a pen and journal right now just for you!

My friend and I gave ourselves a full-on permission slip to recalibrate – just like the Gregorian calendar does every four years. I hope you will try this, too!

Don’t we all deserve some extra space and grace? Doing so kinda makes me feel like leapin’ for joy!

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