Lead with kindness

I feel like something in me cracked open last week. I’ve never been hugely political, yet on Wednesday I couldn’t tear myself away from the news. My social media feeds were filled with people who were genuinely fearful about the future. I could see the divide in my country widening, despite the speeches by Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton and President Obama, urging us to unite…and that’s when it happened. I had the very clear realization that I’m part of the problem. The reason my social media feeds were filled with people who are fearful and not exuberant, is because I curated them. I chose to surround myself with those who think like me, creating my very own microcosm of the larger divide.

I wrote last Monday about the myriad ways we have to communicate, yet so many of us still feel isolated. I urged you to pick up the phone or invite a friend to meet in person to connect, and I stand by that message.

I recorded an audio on Wednesday (listen HERE if you missed it) because communication is on my mind now more than ever. Kind communication. Open communication. Curious communication. Love-based communication.

If you’re ready, and please know that I fully understand and respect if you’re not or if this feels too soon. If/when you are ready, my invitation is this: Join me in bridging the divide. Join me in being a love-based, kind activist. Respect that everyone on every side is feeling something right now that you may not understand. Invite them into conversation. Try to understand. Tap into your curiosity. Remain open. Do your best not to judge or jump to conclusions; simply listen. Share your feelings as well. Speak kindly. Talk to them, not about them. <—CLICK to Tweet 

I’ve already started having these conversations, and am seeing others doing the same. This gives me hope. It reminds me that we’re all more alike than we are different, we just tend to forget that sometimes. If this invitation resonates with you, and your social media feeds looked very different than mine, I’d love to have a conversation with you. Let’s do our part to lead with kindness.

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