Layers of Life

The first layer is removed
Revealing a snapshot of who I am
Showing a vulnerable me
Making Fulfilling Connections

Another layer comes undone
Pointing to a transparent side
Offering up some truth
Creating True Relationships

Another layer is shared
Exposing my fragile heart
The paths that led me to despair

A True Heartbreak

One more layer is seen
Sharing the depths of my soul

Perhaps who I truly am
Finding True Love 

Kristine Dubuque Ortega is a writer, poet, photographer & creative who writes poetry in every spare moment when she’s not exploring photography, taking online courses & collaborating with other artists. Realizing what her writing and photography were truly for, she is in the process of building an online course to share her creative journey. Kristine has a book of original photography & poetry in the works, and lives in Mansfield, MA with her husband.

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