Lay it down

illustration by Kristin Noelle

Lay it down. Right now, I’m carrying the frustration at just completely deleting EVERYTHING I’d just written for this post. ARGH!!!

I’m carrying frustration and anger and a whole list of “should haves”.

I need to lay all of those down.

Maybe that “accident” happened so I could write a more meaningful, in the moment post.
Maybe it happened to help me slow down and be more intentional with my writing.
Maybe shit just happens and it’s not going to end the world to re-write a blog post!

Whatever the reason or non-reason, I need to lay all of those feelings down. In this moment, none of that matters. What matters is my reaction.

And boy did I have a reaction!

Anger and frustration, AND THEN judgement of that reaction. Lucky me, right?!

Actually, yes, because what happened next really was lucky.

I deleted my post about 20 minutes before a scheduled Coaching Class, so I brought all kinds of crappy energy into that space. Then something magic happened, and I forced myself to participate. Our instructor asked for a volunteer client, and I forced myself (literally, forced!) to volunteer. Well, guess what. Once I let myself do what I actually knew I needed to do, which was find the right way to lay it down, I felt better. Literally 12 minutes into my Coaching session, my energy shifted. I picked up a new tool to deal with my reactions when I make mistakes, and I even learned to look at some old stuff differently. Fucking wow.

This is why I’m here (I’m talking on this planet!) and I’d like to invite you to do a couple of things this week:

1) Think about what you can lay down
2) Write to me about it!

Huh? Why? What’s Lara talking about now? I’ll tell you. I’m launching a new part of Kind Over Matter this week called Dear KOM! Maybe you noticed the Dear KOM Button on the Right side of the homepage, and maybe you didn’t, but I want to tell you all about it!

Dear KOM is an opportunity for all of you to write to me with any questions, comments, curiosities, stories, etc. ANYTHING you want to share! Every Saturday, I will choose 1 Dear KOM email and respond to or share it here!

~See an awesome news story or quote that you know KOM readers would enjoy? Bring it on!
~Have a question for me, about me or about Kind Over Matter? Hit me!
~Want a little free (and yes, we can ABSOLUTELY make any part of this anonymous) advice about something from a total stranger? I’m ready.

Consider this a wide open door. Bring on the questions, stories of love, sharing, and advice seeking. Bring it here.

Simply email and put Dear KOM in the subject line. That’s it! I will respond to the email that will be featured that coming Saturday so that we can work out any little details. Don’t worry if your email doesn’t get a response in the same week – I have a hunch that I’ll feature it in the future, and will contact you when it’s your week!

Share your stories, questions and general awesomeness. I promise, it will benefit everyone.

As always, thank you for being on this journey with me.

?, Lara

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