Lasting Transformation Begins with Kindness

Post by Piper Larson for the Kind Kindred series.

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Lasting Transformation Begins with Kindness

I used to think I could hate myself into transformation.

That was my approach to all change – especially my body. Standing in front of the mirror I looked for every lump and bump with disgust. Walking down the street I compared myself to each person I passed. I even began avoiding nights out and other fun because I didn’t think I deserved it until I reached my goal weight.

My daily weigh-ins were just another method of torture. They were a no-win situation. If I gained even an ounce I cursed myself. But if I lost weight it was never enough.

There were times I went for days without eating. And some days I worked out to the point of dizziness.

I truly thought that if I made myself feel bad enough I’d eventually change. During that time I occasionally lost a few pounds. Then I’d gain them back plus more. That was not the kind of transformation I was seeking.

Then I discovered kindness…

It happened by accident. I was dealing with persistent insomnia and had tried dozens of remedies with zero success. In desperation I could think of only one more option: kindness. That was brand new territory for me!

Although awkward at first, I started by merely observing the toxicity of my thoughts. Soon I learned to change them from critical to supportive. My days became less about judgment and more about celebration. With those changes my insomnia improved and to my surprise, I began losing weight.

Feeling encouraged, I deepened my kindness practice and the results multiplied.

The truth is: We take care of the things we love.

When we cherish ourselves it triggers a shift. Our bodies, minds and spirits know what they need to heal. Our answers are inside, but self-hatred silences the message. Kindness opens the door to hearing our internal wisdom.

I found that my body craved whole foods, fruits, greens, veggies and sometimes even a good piece of chocolate. Honoring those desires, over the next year my taste in food changed completely. Exercise became more of a gift I gave my body instead of just an exchange for weight loss.

I discovered that my spirit was hungry too. I craved creativity, freedom and joy. Up until that point I’d been trying to meet all of my needs through food when I was really hungry for life.

Now I know that all of us (including me) deserve the gamut of life’s goodness regardless of size. When we give ourselves the kindness and love we crave and permission to enjoy living – that’s where lasting change begins.

Piper Larson is a change agent for women ready to reclaim their spark for life. As a life coach and writer she helps women learn how to feed their passions to ignite a transformation – body and life. In one-on-one work with clients, Piper’s superpower is helping women discover their true desires while unraveling hidden thought patterns that limit success. Visit at


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