Know Your Beauty

Real Beauty Is…
bold, courageous, perfectly imperfect.

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I was working on my eCourse this weekend (if you’ve signed up for my Newsletter, you’ve heard just a bit about it! Can’t wait to spill all the details soon!) & I came across Lori while looking for inspiring links to share. I got really caught up in her ever-so inspiring YouTube Channel, I’ve listed just a few of my favorites below. I just had to share her & her mission with you. I urge to you let her words sink into your bones, you deserve to:

Go Forth & Lead
Be Mindful of Your Approach
Celebrate the Unique YOU
Hang On

To see the rest of her inspiring videos, click here!

Thanks for all the Beauty you are releasing into the universe, Lori! Your daughter is one lucky gal!

Big Love to all of you!

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