Kindness or Criticism 

There is a death threat, there isn’t a death threat. Wear a mask, don’t wear one. It’s corona virus, it’s just the flu. It’s a conspiracy, you’re being fooled. It’s real, don’t be stupid. It’s fake news, it’s true. No health issues, no worries. Pre-existing conditions, you’re a big risk. What’s true? What’s false? Who knows?

What is right and what is wrong is really tough to figure out right now. If you are elderly or have pre-existing conditions it’s pretty scary.

One thing is sure…whether we believe any of the reports or none of them, whether we believe it’s a conspiracy or it’s real, let’s agree on one thing ~ Respect is important right now. Respect for the billions of people trying to figure it out. Everybody is being persuaded and influenced by family, friends, news, self-talk and unruly emotions. Let’s stop the blame and criticism for a minute and agree to be kind and considerate of all the confused people. Think of the elderly and how hard this is for them. Consider the feelings of those with compromised immune systems. What about all the people that have lost someone? What about the health care heroes’ perspective?

It doesn’t matter if we agree with each other on what is happening on Earth right now. Let’s agree to be kind as we move through it.

There are so many perspectives being fed to people right now. Have some compassion for how confused everyone is just trying to survive.

It’s easy to wear a mask. It’s easy to stay six feet from the person in front of you in a line. The person near us may be managing a great deal of fear. Our mask helps them stay calm and stay healthy. It’s not about who is right or proving a point by being a rebel. It’s just not necessary right now to make someone feel wrong for not knowing what the heck to do.

Being respectful and kind will help everyone heal.

Much love to every human.

Holly Riley
Dynamic speaker and best-selling author Holly Riley has been a coach and facilitator of the Allowing materials for over a decade. Following a life-altering near-death experience, Holly began empowering people to let go of self-sabotage and fear, allowing them to become who they longed to be. Her simple, powerful Catch & Release process outlined in "The Allowing Handbook" is indispensable for anyone ready to be free of the past and heal. (Yes, parents, this includes children of all ages!) Visit Holly's website to get more information and to download a free chapter of Holly’s best seller: Allowing: A Portrait of Forgiving and Letting Life Love You.

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