Guest Post by Chris Zydel for the Kind Kindred series.
(Originally published on 4/2/12)

photo by Chris Zydel

Kindness Is…
Sacred Medicine

The universal solvent for shame
The soul balm that gently soothes us
Back into our ever present wholeness
Reminding us that our current sense of brokenness
Is only another illusion
Another story we tell ourselves
To throw us off the scent of our true blinding light
That scent of holiness
Which is who we always are
And what we were always meant to be

Kindness Is…
Sacred Seeing

An opening to the knowledge that beauty is all around us
And in us
And flowing out of us
At all times
That there is no place
On this earth
Inside your mind
In your heart
Or part of your body
Where beauty is not

Kindness Is…
Sacred Shapeshifting

Sometimes taking the form of a simple touch
As the grief of unbearable loss
Cascades like a waterfall
Into the hugely loving arms of compassionate acceptance
That is prepared
Ready and waiting
To hold it all

Sometimes standing up in fierceness and refusal
Saying no
No more
I will not stand by and watch you hurt yourself any longer
I will not allow the demons hell bent on your destruction
To have their way
Without speaking the truth of what I see

Sometimes sitting quietly
No thought
No opinion
Merely observing the play of shadow and light
Over the beloved’s face
As they sleep under a cloudless blue and wide open sky

Kindness Is…
Sacred Source

A gift from the divine mother/father
A connection with all that is
An opening to the sweet underlying reality of our oneness
Our lack of separation
Our true heart
Our single home
Our memory of ourselves as a constant prayer

Kindness Is…
Sacred Presence

The willingness to be with whatever shows up
No matter how difficult or unwanted
How unexpected or uninvited
How glorious and full of grace

Or how much it changes who you were
Into who you have now become

The willingness that suddenly brings you to your knees
Bowing your head in surrender
And reverence
As you open to the radiance that surrounds you
And bursts through your heart
Like a solar flare

Kindness Is…
Sacred Kinship

The reminder that we are all kindred spirits
Sharing the world of blood and bone and form
Of heartbreak and loss
Of birth and decay
Of love and beauty

What touches one of us
Touches us all
We all shed the same tears
Feel the same fears
And together
Dream into existence
The magic that is this life

Chris Zydel is the founder of Creative Juices Arts, and knows deep in her bones that everyone is creative. She is on a mission to prove that to the world which she does by providing nurturing, joy-filled and growth enhancing sanctuaries of encouragement, permission and trust in the sacred energy of play and creativity that lives inside of us all. You can find out more about her and her work at

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