Kindness is a Portrait

Guest Post by Kara Rane for the Kind Kindred series.

Kara Rane “Nela” 16”x 20” oil paint on canvas

Beautiful Antonela is blind,
yet she has greater vision than most who can see.
The inward self when fully realized reaches cosmic magnitude.
Her soul shines brightly from deep within,
pure radiance for all the world.
Focus on Your Light.

Kindness is a Portrait

It takes courage to allow your portrait to be created, to surrender control of how you are perceived. In recent culture, we are predominantly exposed to images of people for marketing purposes. The ploy utilizes superficial, altered, exaggerated, and distorted versions of ‘models’. Rarely do we see people in mass media as diversely represented as in the real world. Yet there is a growing trend in revealing the truth of these images.

As a global community, we have become sick from fake advertisements claiming fantasy standards. True beauty, real happiness, authentic success is within each individual. Our work is to honor qualities of value, such as integrity, compassion, intelligence, creativity, altruism. These characteristic elements shine through to the outside and thus make us attractive.

A portrait captures a persons’ energy, their material projection, our dynamic being into a single image. To be cherished for you is the quality of a time-less portrait. It is an honored tradition, a rite of passage, a modern heirloom, a lasting memory to your life for generations to come.

Art is a living object, carrying the feeling, the time, the idea into the future. Portraits can symbolize a marked event, such as getting married, becoming pregnant, graduating school, moving to a new stage in life, or simply celebrating the existence of living. The substance of a portrait is beyond limitation, a treasure conveying ideals of hope, gratitude, connection, and love.

Imagine you as the focus of your best qualities. This affirmation is a tribute to your real value, a reminder to be kind to yourself and embrace your own beauty. Now is the time to respect a self worth that is measured by our essence, an allure of nature achieved from a life lived in accordance with higher aspirations and visions of kindness.

Kara Rane is an Artist working in a variety of materials and media. From oil paintings, to sculptures, to large scale installations in glass, each project is contextual, unique. She has had solo and group art shows in galleries, design boutiques and artist collectives from San Francisco to New York City. She has won several awards, most notable from “American Women Artists” in outstanding portraiture. Kara Rane is a Yoga to Meditation guide, an Ocean Swimmer, an Eco-Lover, an Entrepreneur, and a person of ideas.
¿Have you ever seen a Buddhist monk yelling ‘Lucky to be You’*!? This statement is a foundation for living, translating the core message to the miracle of Being, to breathing in this moment fully with Peace, Gratitude, One-ness, YOU. Please visit her websites: &


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