Kindness is Not a Weakness

Guest Post by Jane of Ardis for the Kind Kindred series.

photo by Jane

Kindness is Not a Weakness

Increasingly, I had the courage to reach out. I saw the look of surprised joy on people’s faces when I offered them a genuine compliment, and savoured the moment of radiant connection it made possible.

And then, instead of brushing off the kindnesses that people offered me, I allowed myself to receive them. I smiled graciously when I received a compliment and said thank you instead of saying it was nothing. I accepted gifts and generous offers.

Even if the first few times I did this with a bellyful of butterflies, it was magic.

I saw how people’s eyes lit up when I accepted their kindness instead of denying it.

In my heart there was a sensation of something cracking open.

Now, I’m still practicing. Granting myself the small acts of self-kindness, like a cup of my favourite tea, and the big ones, like owning my dream of becoming a shaman. Taking the opportunities to be kind to others too, instead of turning away.

Realising that true kindness to others is also a kindness to myself. So if I don’t want to do that thing that someone is asking me to, remembering that my no is a kindness to me and them. And it opens space for the yeses too: being there for a friend, finding the perfect gift or making that donation.

I’ve come to realise that far from being a weakness, kindness is powerful. When I stand in it’s fierce sweetness and say yes, I am willing to open my heart, I am stronger than I’ve ever been.

These are the simple questions that help spark my kindness:

What is the smallest, most do-able act of kindness that you can do for yourself today?

What is the biggest?

What is the most do-able kindness you could extend to someone else today?

Much love, Jane.

Jane of Ardis is an intuitive alchemist + sorceress of stuck. She blogs about radiant soulful living, loves tea, tattoos + Tarot, and is undertaking a shamanic adventure. She is also a cat concierge to two spoilt felines.


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