Kindness is a Mother

Post by Flo Gascon for the Kind Kindred series.

photo by Flo Gascon

Kindness is a Mother

Kindness is a lineage. We are kindness in the way that we are stardust.

Kindness is kismet. It was set in motion when the first mother was kind to her babe.

Kindness is the gesture. Reaching out, we pass on the flow of ancient, forgotten, unseen kindness.

Kindness is grace. When we touch our child with kindness, we are blessing the future.

Kindness is energy. Rooted in where we’re from and who we are and where we put it next, kindness makes us immortal.

I will always be here and you will be, too.

There is no bigger gift we can bestow upon our children.

Reaching back through the ages to grasp that piece of you are special, releasing it through our fingertips as we stroke blonde curls.

Harnessing the power of love that is our birthright secured by the unconditional, unbroken vow that slipped through the souls of the mothers before me; before you.

Creating pockets of goddess and goodness in the moment here and the moment there in between the hustle and the bustle.

Surrounding, infusing, steeping new lives in the fragrant tea of rising hope. In our desire to do it all and get it all and be it all we are bolstered and buoyed by the faith that was forwarded.

Drawing from history and her story to offer a finessed foundation to hold the space, secure the structure, reach the heavens.

It’s always been okay and you will be, too.

The present honors the past by bundling the best of what was with the wonder of what will be. Holding your child, you hold the next step, the next link in the chain, the next beat of the drum. You can squeeze too tightly and crush. You can open and make space. Kindness is the pivot.

In all you do, the thread of kindness weaves the richest tapestry a legacy can hold.

In all you are, the spirit of kindness says yes and clears the way.

In all you raise, the kiss of kindness is handed down.

Kindness is a mother to my daughters, who are…

from Flo who’s from Helen and Myrtle and Myrtle and Carrie and Anna

from lineage passed from steady hand and steadfast heart

from quilting needles and milking pails, and feather dusters and accordion keys, and canning jars and pens on paper

from a flower bed and rows of corn, apple crisp and railroad tracks, front porch steps and laundry lines

from dark eyes and dyed hair, crooked teeth and round shoulders, straight backs and floured hands, sun-worn skin, curvy legs

from mopping the brow, kissing the head, squeezing the hand, holding the vigil, catching the fall

from back-breaking work to flying on larks

from losing a risk to taking a chance

from holding on to letting go

from having nothing to all that you need

from life and loss and life re-born

from struggle and fear to guts and success

from tears and shock

and goodbyes and goodbyes

from laughter and light and from love and from learning

and hellos and hellos and hellos

from honey bees and a dairy cow to ocean coasts and la vallees

from snowfall and waterfall

from east and from west

from wagons through rivers and an old red Chevelle

from of course you can, I’m always here, so proud of you, try again

from breathing and walking and staying the course

from daring and dreaming and dancing and doing

from forgiving and forgetting

from remembering and creating.

My daughters, you are from women who gather the light.

You are from kindness.

Pass it on.

Flo Gascon is a writer and mentor to moms who feel stuck and in need of a fresh approach to their days. She provides tools and ideas to create a peaceful home and vibrant life by breaking out of the have-tos and embracing the want-tos.

Her newest website in slowly being born and you can get the next newsletter at Flo also is the creator and director of the popular Wide Sky Days unschooling conference. Alongside romping with her girls on sandy beaches and wrangling reproducing sticky notes, she takes photos, drinks tea and makes dreamy plans for her life by the sea.


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