Kindness is the Magic Potion that makes New Year’s Resolutions Sparkle & Shine with Andrea from ABCcreativity

Hi Lovelies! It’s so good to be back! I want to thank you all for sticking with me through my much needed vacation from the blogging world, I was able to rest & recoup, tend to myself & my family though the illness that swept through our house through the holidays, thank goodness we are all well & ready to face the new year! I hope your holidays were filled with lotsa brilliance & love! Today I am inviting Andrea Schroeder from into our Kind Kindred fam with a magical & timely post about being kind to yourself while making your New Year’s goals & resolutions. This post is such a perfect mixture of stunning & sweet that I want to bottle it & drink from it throughout the entire year. Thank you so, so much Andrea, you’re amazing! Enjoy! Big Love, Amanda

I have so much to say about this that I’ve decided to say it rather than write it. So here goes:

Pouring Magic Kindness Potion onto my Resolutions Journaling Questions:

My resolution is:

Does this resolution feel kind (to myself and others)?

How can I make it kinder?

How can I implement this resolution in the kindest and gentlest possible way?

As I said in the video, pouring kindness onto your resolutions really is like a magic potion. New possibilities open up. Grace shows up. Everything gets easier, lighter and more fun. This is because being kind, to yourself and to others, takes the “shoulds” and “musts” out and replaces them with love and joy.

For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, you may be resolving to go to the gym more regularly and eat healthier foods. You may start “should-ing” yourself with it. “I should go the gym today” Even though exercising is an act of self kindness, sometimes the way we go about it is far from kind. Often the unspoken part of “I should go the gym today” is something like “because I’m not good enough the way I am“.

If you are going to the gym out of pure enjoyment – it’s probably not a resolution for you. It’s something you are already doing so there is no need to resolve to do it. The things we resolve to do tend to be things we have resistance about – which is why we are not doing them in the first place. So trying to force ourselves to do them can get really sticky and heavy and it’s no wonder most resolutions don’t last very long at all.

By pouring kindness on your resolutions you can transform them into acts of self love and kindness. In the example about losing weight it may mean taking much smaller steps. It may mean acknowledging the parts of you that feel not good enough. Or the parts of you that are scared. It may mean coming up with something smaller – like taking a short walk each day – and gradually building up an exercise routine.

It means listening to the smallest, scardest parts of ourselves and only moving as fast as those parts feel comfortable moving.

And in the end – this will actually get you to your goal faster because it’s easier to stick to. Small changes add up. Big dreams come true one little step at a time.

I am wishing you a 2011 overflowing with creative dreams come true.



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