Kindness is a Lifestyle

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

I learned a lot of lessons in 2014 when I did my #365daysofkind project. One of the biggies, is that kindness is a lifestyle.

Somehow we’ve ended up in a world where things that I consider common courtesy, are often surprising to people. Simple acts such as holding a door, giving a seat to someone who needs it or having pleasant conversation with a cashier, are more infrequent than I ever realized.

The kindness lifestyle has stayed with me, and as 2015 draws to a close, it’s more important than ever.

We can’t change the fact that kindness isn’t as common as it once was. We can’t prevent bad things from happening. What we can do is live a lifestyle of kindness. We can be the person who smiles at strangers. We can be the one who gives up a seat for someone who is struggling. We can choose to trust that the grumpy cashier is doing the best she can.    

Living a life of kindness to ourselves and others, is a powerful choice.  It sets an example for everyone we encounter.  Your smile may be the only one someone gets that day.  Holding a door may lighten someone’s load.  Saying hello could brighten the day of a stranger.  These simple choices are so much bigger than we realize.  They are changing the world.      


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