KINDNESS IS… with Alexandra Franzen

Hello lovelies! I hope you had an awesome weekend! I know that in most parts of the United States it was unbearably cold, so I’m hoping you were able to stay cozy. Today Alexandra Franzen is joining our Kind Kindred gang, sharing this fantastic image that she created for today’s post. I just adore it. It packs a punch. I expect nothing less from this lovely lady, I mean, check out her blog, Unicorns for Socialism, one of her latest posts, titled, My Daily Rhythm: Or, Why I Hate Pants = one big HELLYES from me. I love too that she created the image for this post to harmonize with her brand, because bold, colorful geometrics are SUPER SEXY in my book. Enough of my yak, spread this gem around, it deserves MEGA attention! Thank you soooo much Alexandra, you’re blazin’! xox, Amanda

KINDNESS IS… by Alexandra Franzen

Let’s start a FIRE of KINDNESS today!

Follow suit & kindle the flames with a comment stating a few of your own awesome beliefs by finishing this phrase too:


ALEXANDRA FRANZEN has been lauded as “Spock, but with a sense of humor. And better hair.”

As a promotional wordsmith + pro-active pimp, she pens webcopy for marketing and branding agencies, wrangles communications for pro-bloggers and teaches wallflowers how to hustle like a gangsta’.

Find her blogging up a storm at Unicorns for Socialism and tweeting away @Alex_Franzen.


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