Kindness Comes From a Heart Without Fear

Post by Jodi Lobozzo Aman for the Kind Kindred series.

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Kindness Comes From a Heart Without Fear

Cindy is one the kindest person I ever met. Being around her makes me want to sing and dance, I feel so good.

She will see good in me no matter what I am putting out there. Whether I am angry, complaining, or feeling doll-drum. She finds the light, and helps me see it just at that very perfect moment when the darkness is about to eat me up. She tells me how she sees me, pointing to that me, the real me, with her words and heart.

When she sees me, it makes it easier for me to see my true self. And all the bad feelings melt away.

There are people, like Cindy, who shine like stars in a dark sky, people who make you smile when you are around them. Their energy is contagious. You feel warmed by their heart, because it is open. So open that their presence makes you feel like you belong to something special. Indeed, you belong to their heart.

When someone is this open-hearted, it feels different than other relationships. We feel different around them.

All too often fear finds it’s way between two people. It sets up camp and promotes itself playing one person off another in subtle but powerful ways. Fear has us shield our hearts. In attempt to protect ourself, we don’t fully let another in. People who live with fear in their hearts, expect bad things to come and their attention is often grabbed by the negative pieces of a situation, first.

And then, there are people, like Cindy, who open their hearts without fear. Centered and living in joy, they see love everywhere. Even as the “dark” is bouncing up and down shouting “Look at me!” they know how to find the light switch.

One time I took a client on a guided meditation. She was feeling very sad about a predicament in her life and wanted some guidance. She went to her sacred place and met with a spirit guide who gave her a special gift. When we were back together talking about her experience, she said, “Why do we choose to be negative and afraid, when this beauty and support is right there for us?” No truer words were spoken. Why, indeed.

Why expect and see the negative–and live in fear–rather than see and experience the positive?

Cindy is not afraid, she looks around and sees love everywhere. Kindness is an attitude, a decision, a verb. But it is not something you have to do, it is a way to be once you are no longer afraid. As you embody kindness, your actions, thoughts and relationships will reflect this. You’ll love, share, and give generously from your heart. And in giving you will receive more than you ever dreamed of.

Jodi Lobozzo Aman is a human being on the path to spiritual wholeness. Her blog Heal Now and Forever Be In Peace is an invitation for you to join her journey. She is a psychotherapist, spiritual director, and life coach, helping people open to new ways of being. Her free e-book What IS UP With Your DOWN? Being Grateful in 7 Easy Steps is available on her website.


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