Kindness Changes Everything

The world is going through a tough time. Loss of lives, poor financial conditions and social distancing has made our lives unbearable. Markets are shut down, businesses are closed and employees are furloughed. Some of us have lost our loved ones, while others are scared they may  lose theirs. Though people are following the precautionary measures, the second wave has hit hard.

In this disruptive situation people are experiencing prolonged depressive spells. Small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Although being kind to others might seem difficult right now, it will bring inexplicable joy.

None of us are free from the risk of catching the virus. There is no assurance that the vaccines will give 100% protection. This prolonged stress, hopelessness and fear need to be treated. The best remedy at this time is kindness.

Being kind to one other is essential. Although it won’t decrease the risk of getting infected, it will provide courage to combat the disease. The wounds of 2020 need to be treated with a good dose of kindness now. It is imperative to have a kind heart moving forward.

Kindness comes in many forms

There is no fixed formula for kindness. Some people show kindness with their thinking and words, while others use action. No matter which route we take our intent should be positive. For instance, remembering COVID patients in our prayers is an act of kindness.

Having a kind heart means a person is ready to help in every possible manner. Some people can show kindness by helping others financially, while others can help with kind words and thoughts.

One thing is clear – kindness is an urgent need for everyone on earth facing the pandemic. How can kindness change things?

2020 was a uniquely depressing experience but we have learned several things. One thing is clear; COVID-19 is not a joke. Disruptions caused by the pandemic have made people despondent across the globe. We need to use our experiences and move forward. It’s time to recover our minds, help others and stay positive to overcome the COVID stress.

Here are some kind acts that can make a big difference:

1. Supporting people in isolation

People living in quarantines need support in terms of food, essentials and motivation. They are worried about getting groceries, providing for their kids, salary cut-offs due to leaves, etc. These responsibilities are causing stress.

You can support people in isolation by sending food, ordering groceries and showing empathy with kind words. You do not need to visit the home and put yourself in danger; but you can make regular phone calls or have video-conferences to stay in touch.

You can also send fun-loving text messages to cheer them up, cute pictures to divert their mind or motivational quotes to boost their courage. Isolated people are lonely. They feel the world around them has stopped. Take every possible step to uplift their mood and make them feel better.

2. Giving financial aid

We have gone through a tough financial crisis. Investments in big business ventures, rescinding of loans and payment of bills became big questions. Have a kind heart for all those who were fired or laid off from their jobs, faced huge business losses or who received only a small percentage of their salary.

If you have rental properties, provide some relaxation to your tenants. Give them more time or make some concession to allow them to pay the rent at their ease. Similarly, if you are a school owner, give fee concession to students whose parents are in a difficult financial situation.

The government of many countries has already reduced some percentage of taxes. We can take steps on an individual level to each other.

3. Helping your employees

When the first wave of the pandemic hit the world, we were suddenly thrust into a terrible situation. COVID-19 has put a halt to many businesses and we need to find the best alternatives.

Many companies are making a shift in the way they work. If you are an employer and have thr availability, train your employees to work remotely. Do not cut-off the salaries of employees who have contracted the virus. Instead, ask other employees to contribute a small percentage of their salary to the affected ones.

4. Creating volunteer groups

We need to get more control of things this year. We now have experience in handling an infected person, taking care of the family if one person is infected and helping people stay mentally fit in their recovery period.

We can create volunteer groups to help others. These groups can help people confined to home learn new skills, collect and donate money to hospitals and people in need or distribute personal protection items such as sanitizers, masks, etc.


Kindness can change the world. Small acts of kindness done today can help others in the future. Having a kind heart and helping people struggling with the pandemic can change our world. We can create a volunteer group, provide full support to employees, support people living in isolation and provide financial help. If we are all kind each others, 2021 can change everything!

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