The Kind Over Matter Project : Help Us Help You!

Hi! If you are new here & are coming by way of The Storque, WELCOME!

We are so happy to have you!

This is our letter to you, ALL OF YOU,
new visitors & loving fans:


Or Vote from your mobile phone by Text* : 103666 to Pepsi (73774)

Yes, you read correctly, your eyes did not deceive you — you can vote for us every day!
This isn’t like Election Day, it’s like Election Month!

We know how busy everyone’s every day can be so if you’d like to be reminded every morning to vote for our project via Email
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Now for a little bit of technical information for you:

The Kind Over Matter Project is all about feeling good & promoting positivity. We want to help independent artists in the Handmade Community achieve their dreams by awarding them micro-grants to polish off their businesses. Our goal is to turn Kind Over Matter into a non-profit & start selling merchandise that promotes kindness & positivity. We will be using donations & a percentage of the proceeds to fund our grants. These grants will not be awarded by professional curators they will be appointed by YOU. After initiating website upgrades & design changes, we plan to use an interactive voting system so that members of the Handmade Community will be able to vote for their peers.

Amazing, yeah? YES!


If you’ve been trying to achieve your dreams through your creative business but can’t make ends meet to do so, we want to help you. If you need equipment upgrades, need help advertising, help with daycare, help with your health insurance, we will be open to all proposals — but we need your vote so that this project can get underway!

You know us, so many of you have been with us since the very beginning, since the first days & weeks when we were finding our niche & focus, you know us, deep down & you know that we absolutely love & adore each of you. That’s why we put so much energy & time & heart into Kind Over Matter, because we know that you appreciate it, you keep coming back to this space every day or week or hour & it means so much to us.

We want to do even more for you & voting for us, for this project, will give us the means & opportunity to be able to do so.

We want to help you make your Dreams come true, because this isn’t really about us… not really.

This is about how we want to help each of you, in any way we can, whether it’s bringing a smile to your heart on a trying day or if it’s by sharing any of the quotes or photographs or art that’s posted or if it’s by winning a Kind Over Matter grant, no matter how, our heart’s intent is to help each of you.

If you vote for us once, thank you. If you vote for us once a week, thank you. If you vote for us every day, thank you. (If you don’t vote for us, but still read these words, thank you.)


Let’s do this!

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