Kind Over Matter Passage Jars

Kind over Matter Passage Jars
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What you need:

text paper, any color
paper cutter / scissors
decorative jar, dish, glass


Quotes for Moms

Quotes about Friendship

I made one of these for my Mom for Mother’s Day using the Mom quotes above, she loved it! You could use them for your Mom’s birthday, or save them for next year. I also searched out some Quotes about Friendship if you’d like to make & give a little love to one of your close friends. You can add to these to make more, change the font, use the ones you want. This is just a jumping point for you! You could collect love notes, quotes, poems & put them in a sweet beer mug for your better half, collect Dad quotes for Father’s Day, be creative, have fun!!!

Does it look a little different here at Kind over Matter?

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