Kind Over Matter Mixtape #8 – Workout Edition : Sweatin’ to KOM!

Hello all you lovely ladies & gents!

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now — the leggings jeggings,
the shoulder pads, the big teased hair, the florescent colors. The ’80s….
they’re back, they’re back with a vengeance I’d hope to never see!

To try & soothe our forlorn hearts & to make the best of the situation,
Amanda & I give to you… Sweatin’ to KOM!!

Kind Over Matter Mixtape #8 - Workout Edition : Sweatin' to KOM!

Printable Workout CD SleevePDF

The above sleeve was totally inspired by this lovely mini zine called,
Gettin’ Sweaty by Ryan Fortney that you must check out!

Sweatin’ to KOM Mixtape!
(link to zip file)

Side A:

1. Sigur Rós — Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
2. Clinic — Sunlight Bathes Our Home
3. Radiohead — Nude (The 9000 mix)
4. I Never Dance — I Never Dance
5. The Prodigy — Firestarter
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Heads Will Roll (Remix)
7. Lady Gaga — Telephone
8. The Knife — Silent Shout
9. Underworld — Rez/Cowgirl
10. Thunderheist — Jerk It

Side B:

11. LL Cool J — Mama Said Knock You Out
12. Black Sheep — The Choice is Yours
13. Milli Vanilli — Girl You Know It’s True
14. Kris Kross — Jump (Extended mix)
15. Vanilla Ice — Ice Ice Baby
16. Boyz II Men — Motown Philly
17. House of Pain — Jump Around
18. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock — It Takes Two
19. C&C Music Factory — Gonna Make You Sweat
20. Luke — I Wanna Rock

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