Kind Over Matter Bombs : Kind Acts Full of Love & Intention

A little over 3 years ago, Kind Over Matter was born. You can click over here to read the first post!

It all began with the idea of leaving thoughtful & make-you-smile printables in random public places for strangers to find. My soul sister Jenn & I dove right in, we called them ‘card drops’, you can check out some of our photos here & here’s a mashup video we made that cracks me up every time I watch it:

Since then, KOM has blossomed into this crazy/beautiful place for kindred souls to connect. It’s a place where myself & others can share their stories, their dreams, their lessons & their creations… I adore it so, so much but I have been missing the bedrock of this online space.

The getting out there & shining little bits of love & light on strangers, inviting them here to meet you & me.

So, my mama & I were talking last week about leaving gifts for strangers & that’s when I realized how much I missed doing that. With both boys being so young, it was hard to do that… but I’m super-stoked to start again!

For those of you that have been following KOM for awhile & remember ze card drops, think of these KOM Bombs like ‘card drops’ on steroids! (minus the moodiness of course!)

I plan on bombing often & sharing photos here. I am also going to have a place inside each bombing post for you to share links to your blog posts or photos of your Kind Bombs!

I get quite a few emails every month, or folks tag me on Instagram or Twitter, sharing photos of the printables that they leave out & about — they make me smile soooooo big! Like seriously, giddy to the supreme-extreme, I love it!

I wanted to create a space to host those links & photos (SEE BELOW!)

They don’t have to be KOM Bombs specifically, they can just be gifts left with a sweet note, you can craft your own note or use KOM’s freebies in the bombs or just use the printables by themselves, or the tab posters, anything goes!

I did however create a PDF for you, in case you wanted to use them in your bombs! This is the image I used to make a set of Moo MiniCards to leave with my bombs! Along with stickers with the little KOM heart bombs on them! Eeeeee!

To download, right click, save as:
KOM Bomb Tags – PDF
This week I made the gifts inside the bombs, but I’ve purchased a bunch of sweet gifts from Etsy to stuff future bombs with! AND all the graphics I create to share here & on Facebook… I made those into magnets! So. FUN! I’ll be posting a link to those once I receive them – I must make sure the quality of the magnets are acceptable first. 🙂

I made wooden heart brooches last week & I plan on sharing the DIY tutorial the week I get back from my summer break! (If you subscribe to ze newsletter, I will be sending you a little love note about said break today!)

Sneak peek at the DIY!

So, I bombed a local park, a sidewalk garbage can & a drugstore!

Go out, leave some awesome around town & report back with a blog post link including your photos &/or story, a Flickr or Instagram link, a URL to any photo on the web (just as long as it’s yours!) will work! For this first post, oldposts/photos are welcome!

This widget will stay open to submissions until the next Kind Over Matter Bomb post goes up! (Pssst… if you randomly found this post, click here or check out the sidebar, find the little KOM Bomb, click it to get to the latest post!)

Let the bombing begin!



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