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Kind Kindred

Hello to all you Lovelies! This week’s Kind Kindred post features Nicola Warwick of the whole self — an amazing blog that focuses on what Nicola’s coined “the creative divine”, or connecting with your authentic True self. We are so-so happy to share this space with her! Peace to you, in abundance. – xo, Jenn

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A couple of months ago as I was contemplating resigning from my dayjob I ordered a latte from a cafe I don’t normally frequent. The barista told me he would bring over my coffee. I was still working out the details of my decision and batting ideas back and forth. The barista came over and brought my latte. And, without any preamble, he looked at me and said, “Everything will be alright.” And then he disappeared. It was exactly as though he’d brought me a message.

In my notebook I had some of the Kind Over Matter notes that say things like, “Thank you for being kind”. I’d started leaving them under coffee cups or in restaurants and I left one for him. It was the least I could do.

Fast forward a few months and the deed had been done. I was back at the same shopping centre looking for clothes to replace the black work suits that I’d been wearing. I’m not the best at buying clothes. I can buy books, pens and stationery like a professional but clothes buying is not my forte. A sales assistant came over and asked if I needed any help. She then spent the next half hour taking me around the shop like a personal shopper, pulling clothes off the rails that I wouldn’t have looked at twice. She was lovely. Helpful and extremely kind to me, running to get different versions of the clothes once I was trying everything on in the changing room. I was overwhelmed by her kindness to me and, before I left, I found the manager to tell him how brilliant she had been.

And then I went for a latte. The same barista was there, clearing tables. I’m not sure if he recognised me but he came over and talked to me as though I was a regular customer, asking me how I was. And I told him about the photography projects I had started working on. This time I noticed his name badge — he is called Santiago.

That day I felt truly blessed.

Often in today’s busy world we don’t make enough time for kindness. Shop assistants often rush and don’t have time to help. Baristas often attend to making coffee. And we, as customers, frequently don’t stop and appreciate the service we receive. The two things go hand in hand. When we open our hearts and slow down for a moment, something magical does happen. Something within us starts shining and other people respond to it. Try it! Smile, relax and see how your kindness creates a circle of kindness – right back to you!

Nicola Warwick can be found at the whole self where she writes about soul, creativity and creative divine. Nicola taps into her own creative divine through photography — her favourite thing! Offline, Nicola teaches vision board workshops at a number of local holistic centres. She also writes about Loss and the transformative gifts that it brings. Nicola lives in Manchester, in the UK, and can most frequently be found in her amazing local park taking photographs. You can follow her on Twitter at @creative divine and on Facebook.


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