Kind Kindred : Mccabe : The Dancing Mermaid

Kind Kindred

Happy Monday, everyone! This week’s Kind Kindred post is a special treat, the amazing Mccabe created a gorgeous video, Amanda & I are so happy to be able to share it with you! If you’ve ever wondered about Rock Painting 101, this is going to really knock your socks off, so fun & oh the kids in the video kept making me smile! I hope they do for you, too. Peace to you, in all you do. – Jenn

rock painting and kindness tutorial from mccabe russell on Vimeo.

mccabe russell is a self-taught artist who has a soft spot for mermaids and rock painting. being late to the game in the art world, she took a special interest in fostering creativity in children, in particular girls. through her mermaid warrior workshops she has begun a mini-revolution of young girls doing art because it FEELS GOOD. mccabe’s own art got lost somewhere around age 12, which makes her extra passionate towards supporting art in children no matter what their art “looks like.” by teaching them to connect their heart to their art, she discovered that old beliefs her students were carrying (i am not good at art, i draw bad, she is better than me) slowly transformed into I AM AN ARTIST BECAUSE I MAKE STUFF and THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN ART. mccabe also teaches online courses in teaching your own mermaid camp, as well as a blogging course: warrior style.


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