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Happy Monday Lovelies! I hope your weekend was full of love & joy! Today Mati Rose joins our Kind Kindred! I’ve been a fan of Mati’s work for soooo long, so excited to have her here sharing her gorgeous art & beautiful story about giving yourself permission to show yourself a little kindness every day & how. Thank you Mati! Peace to all of you, skies full, Amanda

begin + grow by Mati Rose
painting by Mati Rose

Self-Kindness Permission Granted

Lately the world has been giving me big lessons in self-kindness and I’ve been noticing how when you start being kind to yourself it spills over to others. You fill your well and then you have newfound space to reach out and fill another’s. I have started to see it as one big circle of giving and receiving; a gentle flow of kindness reciprocity.

As a self-employed artist, being kind to myself as my own boss has been a struggle. How do I be my own boss when I’ve had so many horrible examples of bosses in my past? How do I be my own boss and get it all done with self-kindness? How do I be both the creator and the critic in editing my own work? Who’s going to tell me when to slow down? When have I built up enough vacation time?

I’m learning to lean into this new space of self-kindness, self-compassion and listening more closely to my self and intuition, and mostly trusting that the important things will get done. Really, they will. This sometimes means in the face of a long to do lists, breaking for long delicious lunches, impromptu friend dates and siestas with pillows on my studio floor.

Even as I write this, I am practicing a new form of self-kindness, by taking my first road trip up north of San Francisco to a natural hot springs with my dear and also self-employed and overworked artist husband. We never get away together just for the heck of it! There is always purpose, family or an event to attend! This time we spontaneously decided that we were going to do this intentional resting and relaxing just to restore us. As a couple, as artists, and after battling a few weeks of a lingering cold and many back-to-back deadlines, we surely need it.

But why does it have to get to that point? What about self-kindness through out the day?

In this effort to remember self-kindness I’ve created Self-Kindness Permission Prompt Cards. Cut these up and place them in a jar and when you’re feeling overwhelmed, lost, tired or not sure what to do next, or even joyous and calm, pick one and see what your reaction is to it and if you can create the space for some more self-kindness. Then pass one along to a friend… or better yet, leave them in secret hiding places for yourself and others to discover later!

Self-Kindness Permission Prompts – (PDF)

Thank you kindly for the opportunity to share here and build my kindness habits!

Mati Rose McDonough lives in San Francisco where she regularly encounters lucky elephants, talking birds and a mysterious girl who always wears feathers in her hair. Mati studied painting at the California College of the Arts and has had many shows around the country. She is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio in illustration and licensing and has had her art published on Patagonia shirts, University Game boards, Madison Park Greeting products and Oopsy Daisy canvases. Mati has also been included in several magazines and books including recent features in Artful Blogging magazine and The Handmade Marketplace book. Find out more about her at her website.


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