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Kind Kindred

The first day of summer — what does that bring to mind? To me, it’s new beginnings, adventures, long long days. Taking a chance. I am so excited about today’s Kind Kindred post — Erin is so lovely & brave, to me her words represent taking that chance & going on an adventure of self-discovery. Thank you, Erin, for sharing a part of your story with us. Peace to you, in abundance. – Jenn

by Erin Wallace

Be yourself. Sounds easy, right? Why does life complicate those two words constantly, unrelentingly, and so annoyingly?! Yet those are the two words I live by. If I’m not myself, than who am I? What right do I have to be creative, to voice my opinions, and to parent a child so impressionable without knowing the very essence of my being?

I was one of those kids who never fit in. I was confused, felt left out, and couldn’t connect with others. I tried so hard to fit in, in my own little way. I wasn’t willing to give up my identity just to hang with the cool crowd, but I didn’t know the power of my individuality until I broke out of an unhealthy marriage. I was afraid of who I was, because who I was was powerful, unique, and well…different. It took me my entire childhood and eight years of my adult life to know who I was, and to actually believe in myself.

It helps to have an amazingly supportive partner who wouldn’t let me not believe in myself. And through all of his compliments, his encouragement and kind words, I actually started to believe that I was a beautiful, strong, independent, spiritually deep, Earth-mama of a woman. And it was this belief in myself that I started to realize my capabilities. I am strong, damn it! I am smart and intuitive. I have a gift for understanding people, for sensing people’s energies and their place in our world. I know right from wrong at the very core, can identify truth and rightness in any situation, I know good people from the bad, I trust in the universe’s goodness, and I understand the power of now.

I have been faced with some pretty trying situations lately. I am dealing with people who do not know their own truth, who think suffering is the only way out. Anger and sadness comes from fighting what is. Their should be no arguing with what is. It’s the only thing we know for sure. It’s the only certain thing in our lives. What is, is now. Right this moment. You are reading this. That is the truth. You can not argue with that. There is no point in arguing with it. But so often we try to argue with what is, because it’s not what we want. But the truth is what we want doesn’t matter.

I am who I am, and I get such relief from knowing that what I am doing at this particular moment is exactly what I’m meant to do. There are no mistakes, no wrong turns, no mess-ups. Every moment in life is an opportunity to learn and grow. I try to take each situation and moment in life as it is, knowing that they are there just for me. And it’s who I am that makes me able to grow from these experiences.

So I’m settling into this me that I have finally discovered and learned to love. And you know what comes with loving who you are? A love for life and everything about it. I don’t think I could have ever opened up to the beauty in this world unless I first learned to open up to the beauty within myself. I know you can too, because it is oh so worth it. And you won’t have any regrets. Promise.

Erin Wallace created Bluebirdbaby two years ago, but was already familiar with blogging. She loves to write and to take photographs. Blogging was just naturally the next step for her.
She loves connecting with others, getting feedback and finding new inspiration. When she’s not blogging, she’s usually spending time with the little one and Sasa, working at our local natural foods co-op, or wearing her photography hat and traveling around for photo shoots. Her little family lives on the coast of Maine in a small working waterfront town.


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