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Hello Lovelies, I hope you all are having a beauteous Monday! Today Carolyn from A Beautiful Ripple Effect is joining our Kind Kindred Tribe & we are so happy to have her! Thank you so much Carolyn for sharing this magnificent manifesto of Kindness with us, may each of us implement it into our daily lives. Peace to all of you, skies full, Amanda

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The Manifesto of Kindness

My relationship with the concept of kindness has evolved significantly. To me, kindness used to mean something that was extrinsically delivered – either to others or from others. Until recently, I didn’t realize that one of the most critical components of kindness is actually intrinsically nurtured and created. This is the kindness we give to ourselves, especially when we are wrestling with the demands of our daily lives, the expectations of others, and the constant struggle to feel seen and recognized as “good enough.” While much of our lives is beyond our locus of control, the kindness we show to ourselves is one hundred percent within our control. I mention this because it can often feel as if kindness is crushed by negative forces; however, it still exists, and its ability to manifest itself regardless of everything else is what makes it invaluable.

To demystify what kindness means and how it manifests itself, I’ve created a manifesto of kindness – a public and personal declaration of the magical power of kindness.

The Manifesto of Kindness

Kindness is simple yet complicated, modest yet loud, soft yet strong, ordinary yet extraordinary.

… It is the handwritten thank-you note you receive anonymously from someone you’ve never met but helped in some way.
… It is the email you send to an overwhelmed friend with a short note of encouragement and a note to read the email, smile, and hit delete without responding.
… It is the comment you receive on a blog post that lets you know that your voice is being heard and that what you’re saying means something to others.
… It is what you do without acknowledgment or praise, done simply to give without the expectation of receiving.
… It is the courage to give to yourself what you can’t give to others (and wish you could).
… It is the voice that whispers deep into your heart, “You are amazing.” You listen, feel its message, and believe wholeheartedly that you are amazing simply because your heart says so.
… It is the willingness to give to others and sacrifice what you give to yourself when you know that it’s what you are called to do.
… It is the courage to face your fears with your eyes wide open in order to create change for yourself and for others.
… It is the guilt you battle when you make yourself a priority and your kindness is questioned by yourself and others.
… It is the voice that says, “You don’t have to know everything; you are worthy of this journey.”
… It is the ability to nurture ourselves and our vulnerabilities with authentic and wholehearted kindness.
… It is the strength it takes to publicly proclaim, “I am kind!”

The kindness you read about in books or see on television matters, but the most important kindness is often overlooked – the ordinary sparkling kindness we nurture for ourselves and share with others.

Give kindness to yourself. Share kindness with others. Create a beautiful ripple effect of kindness.

Carolyn had Allie Creative make these beautiful badges for her Manifesto– just copy & paste the code in the box, you can use them on your blogs, in email, wherever you wish, spread the love!

copy & paste:

Carolyn Rubenstein is the author of Perseverance: True Voices of Cancer Survivors (How Young People Turn Fear into Hope and How They Can Teach Us To Do The Same); non-profit organization founder; authenticity advocate; Huffington Post and Psychology Today blogger; believer in resilience, gratitude and respect; graduate student; and Spring co-conspirator. On her personal blog, A Beautiful Ripple Effect, Carolyn shares inspiration and wisdom learned while challenging life as usual. And, she loves to tweet!


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