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People describe Carmen Torbus as a cheerleader & that is so accurate — she was this huge burst of positivity when Amanda & I were getting Kind Over Matter off the ground, always cheering us on. She’s incredible & we are so absolutely thrilled to have her take part in Kind Kindred!! Thank you sooo much, Carmen!!! – Peace to you! Jenn

This past week has been absolutely incredible. So much awesomeness rolled into one week has made me realize possibilities I didn’t know existed. One person in particular showered me with kindness. Her encouragement, support and cheerleading throughout the week had a powerful effect on me. Christine Polomsky is the photographer who shot the step-by-step techniques at the photoshoot for my book this past week. She exudes kindness and she helped make this past week one
of the best ever.

I had a wonderful conversation with Christine about my passion for inspiration and cheerleading and it was so nice to be in the presence of a kindred spirit. She is the epitome of positivity.

I believe that kindness is powerful and I believe it is contagious. Kindness beckons kindness and it continues on and on. Thank you, Christine!

As I headed back home at the end of the week, feeling empowered, I began thinking about ways I can continue the flow of positive energy that began with Christine this past week. How can I be kind to myself & my loved ones and how can I sprinkle kindness into the lives of those I encounter each day?

Here’s a small list of Kind Action Items that I came up with:

Leave love notes out and about for people to find.
Ask for support.
Offer support.
Smile and say, “Yeah! (pronounced “yeah-ya!”) way more often in
enthusiastic agreement.
Give & receive more hugs.
Plant something and shower it with kindness daily.
Pay for the car behind you in line at the drive through.
Make something.
Don’t complain.
Start a gratitude journal.
Share your art with the world.
Say please and thank you always.
Enjoy a hot bath.
Tell people how awesome they are when they least expect it.
Share what you know.
Interview someone you admire.
Wake early enough to watch the sunrise.
Crank up your favorite song and have a mini dance party.
Leave comments on the blogs you read today.
Smile and say hello to more people today.
Tip well.
Make a loved one a special meal.
Make yourself a special meal!
Ask for help.
Call your mom.
Tell 5 people that you love them today… including yourself.
Go look in the mirror and tell the person you see how awesome they are!

Here’s to another amazing week, full of kindness and support! I’d love to know what you’re working on right now that you could use some encouragement and support on… please share in the comments and leave your ideas for how to spread some kindness this week!

xo & buckets of belief in you,

Carmen Torbus is an Inspiration Maven and Cheerleader for Creative Entrepreneurs. She wears many hats, from artist and mom to admin assistant and blogger. She answers to such titles as Bliss Follower, Big Dreamer, Mess Maker and Lover of the Words, “I’m so inspired right now!” Her book, focusing on developing signature artistic style is to be published by North Light Books in the Spring of 2011.

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