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You all know Brandi from the joy rebel diaries: adventures in light & depth & she also played a HUGE part in the first printable affirmation collaboration we did. She is such a sweetheart, we love her dearly & are super-duper excited that she’s a part of Kind Kindred.
Peace to you! Jenn

Kind Imagery

I may be biased but I can’t think of anything more powerful than images. Regardless of the visual medium — whether it is photography or film, silent, still, black and white or HD — images have the power to calm me, make me laugh, bring tears to my eyes, fill my heart, jumpstart my imagination or haunt me for years.

It wasn’t until I became a photographer myself that I could understand why certain cultures believed that being photographed captured or stole a person’s soul. No matter how present I am in a moment, that moment looks different through a camera lens. The lens picks up the subtleties that our brain does not always focus on, in my opinion, which can make life look bigger and more majestic.

Those moments can be relived — all the emotions and feelings and smells and tastes — whenever I see those images again.

Now, I don’t know about you but that is not something I necessarily want. I can look at photos from tough times in my life and be immediately transported to the feelings of loss and desperation from way back then. Who wants to be reminded of pain?

Honestly? Sometimes I do. Sometimes I feel grateful for the reminder of how far I’ve come away from those tough times. And oddly enough, when I view those images, I occasionally remember something good and fun that I haven’t though of in awhile.

Fortunately, the same thing is true for the good times too. I look at photos from the happy times and feel lighter, happier, calmer, more connected. Not only can I get those feelings from looking at images from my life, other’s art can connect me to happy moments as well. Like this colorful and fun image from myan photography. Can’t you smell the ocean and feel the relaxation of having nowhere to be sink into your bones?

Or this sweet photo from Jessica Torres. I don’t know why, but I am immediately reminded of the coziness of tea with a friend on a rainy day when I see this image.

And this! Oh this! To sink into the fields and drift off to lavender scented breezes…

And of course, I remember exactly the way the sun was shining when I took this image and how the sky reminded me of cotton candy. Sweet and innocent and carefree.

I hope you are surrounded with images that connect you to your happy. And may the delicious images linked above continue to bring a smile to your face…

Brandi Reynolds is a photographer, designer & joy rebel (n): someone who practices the sublime art of being authentically themself. She is currently leading a joy rebellion on her blog, the joy rebel diaries: adventures in light & depth, & sharing visual poetry, stunning eye candy & postcards with an edge in her etsy shop


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