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Happy Monday lovelies! Today Andrea from Superhero Journal joins our Kind Kindred family, gifting us with this breathtaking story about giving & kindness that stirred up one of those amazing emotional whirlwinds inside of me when I read it. It’s just beautiful. Thank you so much Andrea for sharing this, we are all wishing you & yours peace through the next few weeks, through the waves of labor, a healthy birth & a joyful babymoon – Happy Loving Mama! xox – Amanda

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What Tribe Can Do

Last year a fellow mom in my neighborhood lost her husband to cancer and we were all devastated for her and for their small girls. Because I wasn’t a close friend and more of an acquaintance, I wasn’t sure what to do for her, how to help or be a comfort. I considered dropping off food or a card… What would be appropriate? my logical mind wondered… Lasagna? Pie? In my my heart of hearts though, I really felt moved to sit with her in her home, to be a comforting presence and hold her grief with her. But because I didn’t know her well, I told myself this was irrational (and probably intrusive) and chose instead to send her prayers from afar. In short, despite all of my heart wanting to help, I did nothing. Nothing tangible anyway.

More recently, a friend told me a story that I wished I had heard sooner. It is a great example of how tribe functions and how we can give even when we don’t know exactly where we stand.

My friend Julie heard the news that they had been anticipating for a while. One of the women in her writing group lost her husband to a disease he had been fighting for some time. Like in my story above, this mom had two young girls and everyone was devastated for this family. Also like in my story, my friend was moved to help but didn’t know exactly what to do, being outside of the inner circle of support. What she chose to do was brilliant.

She called her mutual friends who were on the front lines and said, “Hey, I want to help but I don’t know Mary very well. Since you are on the front lines, what can I do for you? How can I help you support her?” Coincidentally, they had a work day planned for that afternoon. They had sent the family away for a couple of days so that they could spend the weekend clearing the house, getting rid of all the medical equipment and giving them a fresh start. “We actually need someone to go to Ikea to get some bookshelves. Can you do that?”

On her way to Ikea, Julie saw her handyman neighbor and asked him if he was free that afternoon to build some bookshelves. He said yes immediately and spent the entire afternoon with them repairing everything in the house that needed work, building bookshelves, cleaning, etc. He refused to let Julie pay him at the end of the day, and with eyes full of tears, told her how moved he was that she asked him to help.

This is how tribe works. We are all naturally moved to give, to contribute, and to be a part of each others’ lives. My friend’s generosity gave me a missing piece I needed, a way into kindness and giving I didn’t have access to before.

Andrea Scher is a creative entrepreneur, writer and life coach living in Berkeley, California. Through her company Superhero Designs and award-winning blog Superhero Journal, Andrea inspires other creative souls to live authentic, colorful and extraordinary lives. Andrea also co-teaches the online course Mondo Beyondo with her collaborator Jen Lemen. Together they teach you what it means to dream big, be brave, and manifest a life you love.


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