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Kind Kindred

Haaaaaappy Monday to each & every one of you! This week’s Kind Kindred post features Amber Dawn, who was one of the Lovelies that sent over a post a few weeks ago when we put out a call for submissions. We are so thrilled that she did — this post put the whammy on me, in the best possible way. Thank you so much, Amber, for sharing your words with us. Peace to you, always! – Jenn

Footprints in the Sand, originally uploaded by TheAmberDawn.

I’ve had my ups and downs like anyone, but I’m a firm believer that a happy life stems from a positive perspective. Change your view of the world and the world changes with you.

Too many people look for disappointment around every corner, and they are always surprised when they find it! You have to approach life openly, prepared for the worst but hoping earnestly for the best. Look for love and happiness instead. If someone hurts you, don’t dwell on it after the fact. Regardless of intentions, it is not important to you or your happiness. What other people think or say of you in the long term is completely outside of your control, so don’t beat yourself up over it. You must have the strength and resolve to accept the pain, and move on.

Everyone gets hurt sometimes. Don’t let the hurt go deeper than it needs to, and don’t let the wound infect your heart and twist your emotions. Far too often people take another’s slights to heart. They pick at it and stress over it until it binds their every move. Don’t let others unkindness poison you, because it will only lead to unhappiness. You must accept that other people will say and do what they will, whether they mean to hurt you or not, and that you have the power to choose what you are going to do about it.

You are responsible for your own happiness. It is the most important responsibility and you must take it seriously. You can’t always make everybody happy, you can’t always make everyone agree with you, and you can’t always fix everything. You can only do the best that you can, and take care of yourself. You just have to reaffirm your personal worth, and live happily and at peace. Dwell not on the negative that is around you, but the positive. Be ready to accept love in the most unexpected places. Take heart from others kindness.

Believe in yourself. Remember to be true to yourself and seek happiness with every breath. When you have found happiness, don’t let others take it from you. Once you are happy, you can pass that positive energy on to others.

You are in total control of your happiness. Use that power for good. Be happy. Spread the love.

Amber Dawn is a part-time fine artist living in Vancouver, BC, with her boyfriend and Betta fishes. She often finds herself having to tell people how to be good to themselves, because they have forgotten how. Amber specializes in painting original oil painting jewelry — fine art you can wear. You can read more about Amber’s artistic journey at and follow her on Twitter at @theamberdawn.


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