Kind Collective : Stacks

Kind Collective : Stacks by Amanda Oaks
Hello! Thank you so much for your beautiful submissions last week – wow! I enjoyed them so much, so peaceful! What talent!

This week’s theme is : Stacks : submissions will close next Thursday, the 26th!

That stack up there, those are the books that are currently sitting on my nightstand. Some of them have been there awhile, through moves even, some of them not as long. A few of them find themselves in different parts of the house at different times on different days. Sometimes I thumb through them, sometimes I’m nose deep, sometimes other books take their place. A stack of books here, a stack of books there. My boys have a corner of books that we affectionately dubbed: book town. Joel, my one year old, just this morning, was trying to say book, adorable. We are a family of readers, stacks in abundance, so it was inevitable that they were going to be my subject.

Now it’s your turn to share! You can share links from Flickr, your blog, etsy shop, instagram, photobucket, anywhere really, as long as you stick to the theme!

(To prepare, notice the theme for next Thursday at the bottom of this post!)

Hop around the other links submitted! Have fun!

Next Thursday’s theme (5/26) is : Golden

Thank you so much for being here & playing along! xox

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