Kind Bomb Mission : Gimme Some Truth

I tend to steer clear of content highlighting politics & religion here but the video above is my response to all the ignorance that has been spewed this week:

Me spreading a little love & truth with the help of my dear friend Jason & the brilliance that is John Lennon.

Some may think that this is naive response but I bring this here today to make more people aware (you know, in case you’ve been living under a rock or reside in another nation.)

I bring this here today because it’s dangerous to have people this uninformed & narrow-minded governing a society.

They are not Pro-Life, they are anti-abortion. It’s so obvious with all that has poured out of their mouths this week, that they don’t give a shit about life & truth & love.

One good thing about all this is that we are having a national conversation about it, that I hope will continue to enlighten the unaware.

Women are standing up & speaking out.

There have been open letters to Rep. Akin from brave & beautiful women all over the blogosphere, who know the truth like : Eve Ensler + Christa Gallopoulos + Shauna Prewitt : please click with caution, these may be triggering for some.

Also, our President is one class act.

I choose love.
I choose truth.


With Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude,

(No, I don’t own the rights to this song & I will take if down if asked but something tells me that I would have John’s blessing to use it — especially under these circumstances — because it’s what he was fighting so hard for too.)

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