Kicking Off Our Blogiversary Week with Creative Living with Jamie!

We had the delightful & inspiring opportunity to talk a bit about our Creative Lives with Jamie from Jamie Ridler Studios! We are so very honored to be a part of Jamie’s amazing podcast! Our first audio interview! If you’d like to take a listen just follow the link!

Creative Living with Jamie:
Amanda Oaks & Jenn Gibson

Make sure to check out her Introductory Episode: Creative Living is For You along with all of the amazingly talented individuals she’s had as guests!

You can subscribe to Creative Living with Jamie here & also on iTunes here (Note: this link will ask to access your iTunes & then take you to the podcast. You can also simply open iTunes & search for “Creative Living with Jamie)

Thank you so, so much Jamie for having us, you truly are a HUGE inspiration, it was so great to connect with you on this level – & we are soooooo rooting for you, wishing you the very best in everything!

Jamie also played a very special role in our Printable Affirmation Gift Set – she wrote 9 of our beautiful affirmations! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!


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