Kick Ass Self Kindness

Are the days all blending together in a haze of overworked overwhelm?

I know how you feel.  I used to live that way.  I couldn’t wait for the next trip or the next fancy dinner out or the next shopping trip. Sure, there was some temporary happiness that came from each of those things, but the truth is that they were an escape from a life that made me unhappy.

Life doesn’t have to feel like that.  You’re too important, and life is too short to spend another day feeling this way.  Let me show you a better way.

Join the Self Kindness Revolution.  

It starts with 30 days of SelfKindness and ends with loving the life that you work so hard to build.  

You can create a life that you don’t want to escape.  Kick Ass Self Kindness will take you from hating life to loving life.  Now, wouldn’t that kick ass?

When you sign up for this FREE program, you will receive:

  • Membership in our exclusive Facebook group for daily SelfKind motivation and community
  • Ten creative ways to be kind to yourself every week
  • Details on our Instagram contest (HINT: there’s a hashtag and a prize involved!)

I know that SelfKindness works because it’s been so powerful in my own life.  When I started being kind to myself, my relationships got better, my work improved and I finally started to love my life.

If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed and unhappy, a month of Kick Ass SelfKindness is exactly the way to change that.  You’re too important not to do this.

I can’t wait to see you loving life!