Just Do the Next Right Thing

I love to dream big. I know that it’s the details that trip me up, that I don’t like “busy work,” and that I need to take action when I feel inspired. It’s fun to talk about the big things! The huge goals, the giant plans and heck, in a few weeks people will be talking about all of their 2018 resolutions…and a few weeks after that many of those people will be wondering why they didn’t stick with those resolutions.

As a dreamer, strategizer and big-picture-seer, I know how easy it is to let the details be the downfall of an idea. When it comes to taking action it’s often so overwhelming to figure out how to get from A to Z that we forget about B through Y.

Just do the next right thing. <—-CLICK to Tweet

Seriously. No matter what your goal or plan is, remembering these 6 words is key. Maybe you’re like me and you can see the destination. You know what you want to change or build and you can see it clear as day…OR maybe right now you’re feeling a little stuck and don’t know how to get out of your current rut. Whatever your current situation, just look for the next right thing.
Don’t worry about the final destination. Don’t let the overwhelm of how far from the goal you are weigh you down. Don’t stress about things that are several steps down the road. Don’t let indecision keep you paralyzed.
Just do the next right thing. Find 1 thing, the smaller the better, and do that. Make that choice, make 1 decision, make 1 shift.

That’s it.

Then repeat.

Words to live by, how to avoid overwhelm, the key to making change…all rolled into 1 simple (but not always easy) phrase: just do the next right thing.

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