Just keep going

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

I was having dinner with a friend recently, and she was telling about trying to work up the courage to teach a class. She’s taken a few steps, but seemed dissatisfied with her progress. She made a face when she used the phrase ‘baby steps’, and it really got me thinking. She clearly felt that she should have already done more, or been further along, yet she had made good progress.

Why do we expect change to be lightening quick? 

Yes, a lot of it is the media and our short-attention-span society, but we have to take some responsibility for our own expectations.

When this friend was telling me about the baby steps she’d taken, I was so proud! I exclaimed with excitement about this new venture and wanted more details. My reaction definitely surprised her, and we started talking.

Sure, she could go find a space and commit to teaching a class.  This ‘rip the band-aid off’ method has it’s place, but the reason she’s proceeding slowly is because she’s nervous about this new venture. It’s a really big deal for her and she wants it to last.

That’s the key – wanting it to last. The things that last take time. Would you marry someone after 1 date? Probably not. You want a marriage to last, so you proceed slowly.

Lasting change works the same way. It does not matter how slow you go. In fact, go as slow as you can; just keep moving forward. Don’t stop…and every once in a while, share your baby steps with someone who can be excited for you.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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